Vidushi Sumitra Guha nee Raju was born in an Andhra family and music came naturally to her from her mother Smt.Rajyalakshmi Raju. Being born in an age when women were not to wish but to execute, Smt.Rajyalakshmi endowed her eldest daughter with what she had best, her voice. Initiated naturally to the Carnatic form of music, she received strong grounding under the tutelage of Sangeeta Vidwan S.r.Janakiraman.

Her admission to Tagore's Visva Bharati opened up new horizons and she was drawn to the Hindustani style. Coming to Calcutta at a tender age following her marriage into a Bengali family held great meaning, since it marked the start of her journey into the newfound world of Hindustani classical vocal music. Guiding her steps in this endeavour were the great Pandit A.Kanan and Vidushi Malobika Kanan, The depth of the alaap, the slow elaboration of notes in the vistaar and the stability of swaras now became her style and she became on the of the Kirana gharana. She also took guidance from Pt.Sushil Kumar Bose, a well-known disciple of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. From stone to stone she stepped and since 1995 has been a top grade vocalist of All Indian Radio. She is also an outstanding artist with ICCR.

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