Landing Page Text: Spirituality in music is her forte. The spontaneity of her rendition, the depth of her style, the sweetness of her melody and, above all, passion in execution have drawn comments like ‘not only human hearts, stones also melt??

There will be some press gallery of scanned press clippings. The below headlines could scroll down along with the scanned images gallery.

A Rare Breed ...The Statesman
Andhra’s gift to the nation ...The Statesman
Now, there’s magic ...The Times of India
Sumitra Guha scaling new peaks ...The New Indian Express,Vijayawada
The ebb and flow of melody ...The Hindu
Soulful Soloist ...Metro Now
Sumitra sang like the cuckoo bird with its honeyed voice in Spring ...Vanitha Jyothi
Sumitra’s instant victory of voice in Mauritius ...The Statesman
It was obvious from the opening German Concert in Saarbrucken that it was a very special tour. The audience was so entranced that they did not want to leave the blissful atmosphere created by the musicians ...Konzertburo Report, Wegberg, Germany
She unfolded the raga with the tender care one would bestow on unfurling the petals of a delicate flower awaiting full bloom ...The Hindustan times
She is not merely better. She is different ...The Times of India
Enthralled listeners with her technical prowess and devotional fervor ...The Hindu
She is not only a versatile singer but also a gifted composer ...The Hindu
Certainly “Music has no barriers??is not an adage. The scintillating performance by Padma Shree Vidushi Sumitra Guha and Double Grammy Award Winner Robin Hogarth…bore testament to the fact that when it comes to music language has no role to play ...The Times of India
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