Gondwana refers to an ancient geographical area that included Africa and India

From the swirling mists at the dawn of time come the ancient eastern hymns of the Veda, and the ancient spirituality of Africa, the Cradle of Humankind. ‘Gondwana Dawn’ combines these elements into an authentic but contemporary musical mix of traditional instruments, songs and rhythms, with an appeal that is universal in the world today.

This album was conceptualized and created by Robin Hogarth, a double Grammy award winning producer, composer, and specialist in African music; and Sumitra Guha, an internationally acclaimed Indian Classical musician and Padma Shri award winner (one of the highest Indian civil awards for Art), who is also a member of the Grammy Academy.

North Indian classical music goes back to the most ancient writings and traditions of the Veda. The Vedic hymns outline the origins of God and the spiritual origins of man.

Africa is often called the Cradle of Humankind. A vast continent, its many people’s traditionally trace their histories to the dawn of time, and all have creation stories. There are many African music styles which go back to and illustrate these ancient roots.

The main themes within this music relate to modern day representations of these cultures - Ahimsa (‘Non-Violence’ – as practiced by Mahatma Gandhi) and Ubuntu (Brotherhood – representing the ethos of Nelson Mandela) which is articulated throughout this album. The two cultures have many parallels going back into ancient history, and the music symbolizes the coming together of the significant spiritual elements of this history, and the hope for a better world to come.

Yet another special project, Omkara, which was nominated in the world music category in last year’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Her voice has brought out the connection of the seven chakras of the human body with her classical notes, thus bringing out the healing qualities of the divine vibrations. This has huge applications in the field of music therapy and this project is being used in various places in USA. She has also been a part of the documentary- one little finger which describes the abilities of the especially abled. Furthermore, the ALBUM- AUM, the Divine Sound was appreciated worldwide.

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