The divinity that oozes from the depth of her music holds the audience in awe and lifts them to spiritual heights transcending the mundane world.

Her popularity as a singer is evident from the number and level of platforms:


And many, many more, besides Radio Sangeet Sammelans and National Programmes of Music on television.

She has travelled abroad widely giving performances and holding workshops in the USA, Canada, Mauritius, West Asia, South-East Asia, Europe including Russia, Algeria, Ukraine, France, Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia, Holland and the UK.   Everywhere, the younger generation were much moved and interested in this form of art.  Thus she has been very successful in propagating Indian Classical music and is widely acclaimed as a true ambassador of melody, peace and spirituality, so much so that some leading European dailies once wrote that "Everyone felt like a celestial musician was sent to earth for one evening to bless the city with heavenly ragas and Vedic hymns".

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